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Beware the man who speaks in hands

He's not been the same as when he left these lands

A broken soul, he who beguiles

The curious souls who search the files

Not of this world, nor the next

By his own creation hexed

But what became of this man, his plans?

There's one who might tell you; his name is Sans

Although he seems very lazy and slack

Brains are not something he should lack

Moreso than what he lets on is what he knows

Except when he seeks to destroy his foes

Those who cross him shall see his deadly iris

Should anything happen to his dear bro Papyrus

Who may not have the same mental ability

Makes up with determination and culinary capability

A gentle soul, but one who works hard

To prove himself able to join the guard

Brothers who are so different, and yet who so often share

Their own quirky ways to show that they care

And yet one must wonder, what could create

Such different brothers with such mismatched traits?

It might be a stretch, but one has to wonder

If they might not be part of someone else torn asunder

One with such determination, and yet such an empty skull

And the other who's so lazy but with his head so full

But what could restore this soul, destroyed by its own creation?

It might just be another soul with great kindness, and yet great determination
The Man Who Speaks in Hands
I was thinking a lot about W.D. Gaster after I've been finding out more about this interesting hidden subplot.  I was thinking about the hint in-game as to his existence, and after realizing the loose rhyme that was there, was inspired to write this poem to convey my own theory of what became of him.
Do you have an awesome character design, but no ideas for a backstory or abilities?  Do you have an idea for a character, but not sure how to develop the idea into a complete character?  Perhaps I can help, I've come up with a unique commission idea where I can apply my writing experience into helping you develop your characters from less of an idea or undeveloped designs into a character that feels more complete and appeals more to others.  I have a lot of experience in creating fantasy or sci-fi based characters, but I'll also take a shot at creating more realistic characters as well.  For this unique venture, I'll be asking $5 per character for characters you may have with an existing design or detailed description for me to help with their backstory and abilities, and $10 per character for complete characters based on ideas you present to me.  I will be using this character template to help organize information about your new character and their traits:

Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Current residence:
Weapons: (If any)

As an example of this template in use, here's the profile I created of my own character Apple Woods using it as a basis while I was developing her more:

Name: Apple Woods
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Red Fox
Date of birth: August 16
Place of birth: The Town of Marshmill
Current residence: Scarlet Mountain
Occupation: Mechanic
Height: “5’10
Weight: 148 lbs.
Appearance: She’s a tall vixen with fiery red fur with white fur around her forearms and feet. She has sparkling green eyes and long whitish-blonde hair, which she usually dyes blue.
Attire: A white tubetop with white bell-bottomed pants with flame designs along the bottom. She also wears a black chain necklace with a flash drive hanging around it. When she’s working, she usually wears a pair of overalls with a white t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap.
Personality: She’s friendly and outgoing a lot of times, but can also be short-tempered at other times. She’s strong-willed and doesn’t give up easily against anyone who opposes her. At times she can also be submissive, and likes to please others.
Hobbies/Talents: She’s a skilled mechanic, and enjoys swimming, playing video games, snowboarding, and basketball. Her talents include fishing, hunting, carpentry, and ropework.
Likes: Cars, Computers, rain, fish, fast food, basketball, fire.
Dislikes: Being pushed around, rude people, lightning, hail, thieves, guns.
Vehicles: A large pick-up truck
A Viridite-powered flash drive with 16GB of data that can double as an energy blade or a laser when combined with a special holster
A laptop with a Viridite battery that allows Apple to recharge it manually with her mana as well as to combine magic with it for different capabilities.
Various small inventions powered by Viridite including some kinkier items designed to restrain enemies or potential pets.
Weapons: Two long katanas
Abilities: She's a skilled fire mage, having taught herself to use fire magic from books since she was 12.
Apple was raised by her father for much of her childhood, her mother having died when she was three. A few years after her mother died, her father took her into the mountains to get away from the corrupt neighborhood they’d lived in before. There in the mountains, he taught her everything he knew about machinery as well as skills useful for mountain living. She soon became interested in computers and as well, finding ways to use Viridite to combine magic and technology. The mountain they lived on wasn’t too far from a city at the base of the mountain, their home being a twenty-minute drive to get to either place. When Apple was fourteen, her father died from a hunting accident one winter. She was devastated, and for a long time, she withdrew from the world, not wanting to see anyone else or do anything. However, she finally dedicated herself to moving on and was able to make a living for herself, opening a workshop in the city. She lives alone, but hopes to meet someone to share her life with, even if it’s not exactly the way she expected it to be.

If interested, you can contact me and send PayPal transactions to with any references or ideas for your characters.  Payment is not necessary if you're not satisfied with your resulting character, and I'm willing to work with you to help make your character more to your liking.


United States

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